The Moto 360 Might Only be Sold in Limited Quantities or Select Regions Due to Difficult Manufacture

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Yesterday, Google fired some serious shots at our wrists with the Android Wear initiative, which is essentially Android brought down for wearable devices and pretty much everyone is on board to build an Android Wear device this year. With folks like HTC, ASUS and even Fossil on the books to breathe life into the ambitious project. One of the more fascinating companies to announce their support for the project was of course, Motorola. The company that leveraged Google’s idea of Android for the Moto X and the Moto G was now going to do the same for watches, albeit a little differently than others. I’m not going to bang on about the Moto 360’s incredible circular design, because you’ve probably heard all about it, and if not you can do so here. However, let’s just say that we’re all impressed, am I right?

With a project such as the Moto 360, we’re unsurprised to be hearing rumors that the watch might not be all that abundant when it finally hits shelves. According to a Chinese leaker that originally announced Motorola was working on a watch in the first place, the Moto 360 is dangerously difficult to manufacture. Circular parts and boards aren’t common at all these days and chips that are going to be put into these watches aren’t designed to be house in small circle housings. Motorola have overcome manufacturing challenges before, and we’re pretty sure that they have some of the best electrical engineers in the world working for them, but the Moto 360 might be a little too big for even them.

According to the leaker, who’s prominent on China’s Sina Weibo network, the device might only be available in select regions, or sold in limited quantities. No matter what though, the 360 is more than likely going to be a popular product. Which could lead to shortages anyway, regardless of how hard it is to produce. We’re hoping this one proves to be untrue, and that Motorola has learnt from Moto Maker and delivering devices in a timely manner. As a Smartwatch wearer myself, the Moto 360 is very intriguing, and as a UK resident I’m hoping for a wider launch than simply North America.