Mobile Chrome Beta Build 34 Adds Experimental Chromecast Functionality for Videos


When Google updates Chrome Beta there's almost always a good reason for it.  Outside of a normal set of bug fixes and stability issues hopefully being solved, Chrome Beta is all about adding new functionality and letting users who want to test it do so.  This latest release of Chrome Beta, build 34, is no exception to that rule, and adds one of the most exciting things we've seen to Chrome in quite some time.  Chromecast has been a massive hit no matter how you look at it, (If you haven't picked one up yet, it's available on Amazon for $35) and it's something that Google likely didn't see coming given their pretty tight initial support of the hardware.  Ever since launch Chromecast has not only grown its userbase by leaps and bounds, thanks to easy availability on Amazon and other sites and a super cheap price tag no doubt.  But the content has been there too, with HBO Go adding support among some of the other heavy hitters that have started backing the platform.  Chromecast has turned into one of the easiest ways to share stuff with everyone in your living room, and today it gets just a little bit more open thanks to the extra Chrome support.

Basically this newest addition to Chrome Beta allows you to theoretically cast any video playing in your browser straight to your Chromecast via the familiar Chromecast button.  Why do I say theoretically?  Well given the beta nature of the app it should be no surprise that it doesn't always work, and if you've used a Chromecast you know it can sometimes be finicky anyway, but we're confident that Google will continue to iron out the bugs before it integrates this into a future release.  When you load up a video you'll have the nice little Chromecast icon displayed on top for you to send off to your TV or where ever you might have your Chromecast installed into.  Sometimes you need to fullscreen the video in order to get it working properly, but it seems to work more often than not.  If you want to enable this feature yourself head on over to the Google Play Store and grab the Chrome Beta for Android app.  Once that's installed navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-cast, or if you're lazy just type in chrome://flags and scroll about halfway down the page until you come across a section that looks like the screenshot below.  Go ahead and enable that flag and click the reload Chrome button on the bottom, and then head on over to your favorite video viewing site to give it a try.  It's easy as pie!


Chrome beta chromecast

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