Microsoft Also Against Dual-Booting Devices With Both Android And Windows

It's been said that Google doesn't want a dual booting Android/Windows device on the market. That was the general consensus when we had heard that they told ASUS they were against them releasing such a device. It would seem that they aren't alone in their thoughts though, and that Microsoft has similar plans for putting pressure on the OEMs that had visions of producing dual-booting devices. ASUS was not the only company that had proposed releasing a device that would run both Android and Windows 8, Huawei made a statement yesterday that they also had plans to release a dual-booting handset.

Microsoft should have every reason to want dual-booting devices because it would allow them to have at least some presence in the same area as Android devices. They already hold a much smaller piece of the pie where Android is the dominant force in mobile, so it would seem like a good idea. Apparently though Microsoft wants exactly the opposite. According to analyst Kevin Moore, Microsoft wants the same thing as Google, and that's devices with either OS but not both. The reason behind this is sort of for the same reason why it would make sense for them to want a device that dual-boots both OS platforms, just on the flip side of things. Because it would allow Google more direct access to a market that is currently held dominant by Microsoft and their Windows platform. The PC market.

Having Android in the PC space directly on a windows machine could mean bad news for Microsoft, and the same could be said for Google allowing Windows to be dual-booted onto an Android powered device. They currently dominate the mobile space, and have every reason to want to prevent Windows from having a chance at more access to marketshare. Google has also already entered into the PC realm with their Chromebooks which are doing pretty well, although they still don't have nearly the amount of marketshare that Microsoft and Windows have. While it's beginning to look more and more likely that we might never see a device hit the market that is shipped with dual-booting OS platforms, that is still something that is uncertain. Although manufacturers will most likely continue to receive pressure from both Google and Microsoft, that doesn't mean a dual-booting device will never make it to consumers.

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