Love Your Barista at Your Local Starbucks? Soon You'll be Able to Tip With Your Android Phone


It's been said that a love of technology and a love of coffee go hand-in-hand and my coffee intake would definitely back that up. I'm a big coffee fan here at Android Headlines – I've even drank Angry Birds coffee, that's right – and my own Espresso machine sees more use than I care to admit. Naturally, that means I like a good Starbucks – which is harder to find than you think with millions of them every square foot – and I can appreciate a decent cup of joe when I get it. The Starbucks App for the iPhone has just been updated with an interesting new feature; the ability to tip your Barista digitally.

It's a shame that the update hasn't reached the Android version of the app just yet, but we're sure it'll be here shortly. Besides, we'll let all those cool iPhone users test it out for us, am I right? In a release today, Starbucks detailed that 11 percent of transactions across their caffeine chain are now made digitally, which isn't as big as you might expect, but thanks to the lack of NFC in the iPhone and conflicting standards we're surprised it's even reached such a number. Tipping is available in a number of different quantities, and nothing that will break the bank or assume extreme generosity on your part. It's a neat new feature, and honestly I don't see why good Baristas shouldn't be tipped.


If you're a big Starbucks user and have yet to use the Android app, you should give it a go. It might not have the fancy tipping feature just yet, but you can still pay for and order your drinks with less human interactions – perfect for the morning rush – and you can link your Starbucks card to the app to keep on top of that, too. All-in-all a decent app that is only getting better, we'll be not so patiently waiting for this feature to hit the Android version soon.

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