LG's Upcoming G3 Could Have Been Spotted with a Model number of D850 and Quad HD Display


Last year, LG released their best smartphone to date with the G2, but unfortunately for LG it was released at a strange time of the year and never really sold quite as it should have done. That doesn't mean the other Korean giant is going to give up and this year should see the release of LG's G3, which we're all looking towards to present us with the next flagship from the company. The G Pro 2 that was announced earlier this year certainly built on the great features that debuted with the G2, but the G3 will be its true successor. The infamous @evleaks is back again with word on what could be LG's G3.

The device, with a model number of D850 was spotted on LG's own website, and taking a look at the device's User Agent Profile (of which a portion is below), we can see a display resolution of 2560 x 1440, otherwise known as Quad HD, or QHD. We can't take away anything concerning screen size here, but at those resolutions we would be surprised if LG managed to keep the display at 5.2-inches. Having said that, LG have done some pretty incredible things with displays in the past, so there's always room for improvement. According to rumor though, we're looking at a 5.5-inch display, would make the G3 a considerably larger device than Samsung's Galaxy S5, which comes in at 5.1-inches.


Recently, the model number D851 popped up, which could be another variant of the G2, as could the VS985 rumored for Verizon here in the States. Of course, it's still pretty early to say for sure what is, and what isn't the G3, but these are certainly interesting leaks. With the G2, LG bucked the trend a little with their rear-mounted control buttons and we're sure that the G3 will continue this trend, what else they have in store however, remains a mystery for now. Who's looking forward to the G3? Sound off in the comments below!


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