LG Sending out Invites to Employees for "B2" Training Event – Possibly for the G3?

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It appears that LG is preparing their entire company for the launch of a new flagship. Which most of us are figuring is the LG G3, the successor to the G2 and Optimus G. According to the folks at Geek.com, their sources are claiming that the name attached to the invitation is a smokescreen for something else. HTC and Samsung have already prepared for their Spring launch of the One 2014 and Galaxy S5, respectively, LG is gearing up for a late Summer or early fall launch of the LG G3. I’m betting on early fall, around August, but I could be wrong.

According to the source of Geek.com, the B2 is a code name for another product entirely. In the past, LG has used the codename B2 for LG phones, and there are no current LG phones named “B” that would be getting a new successor, but then again LG could be making a whole new product line, which is what we are thinking Samsung may do soon. However, it could also be a fake to make everyone think it’s something other than the G3, which is entirely plausible as well. As it is already pretty difficult for companies to keep these things under wraps these days.

So far, the specs of the G3 that have been rumored are pretty beastly. And we have no problem hype beasting them after how LG has done with their flagships in the past two years. But we are looking at a 2560×1440 resolution 5.5-inch IPS display, probably with even thinner bezels. Along with a 13MP camera, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. I think LG will have to wait until the Snapdragon 805 is ready, because throwing in the Snapdragon 801 won’t make too many people happy, I don’t think. Of course we’re also looking at the rear keys that are on the G2, G Pro 2, and the G Flex. We’ll likely see some changes to the skin as well, which will be interesting to see.