Leaked Sales Guide Shows How To Position The Latest Android HTC Flagship To Consumers


HTC may be refusing to comment on leaks and speculations like always, which seems to be just fine since more leaks keep popping up. Perhaps part of the reason they have decided to keep things silent in regards to responding to these leaks is because we're already so close the announcement date that commenting wouldn't matter much. In any case, another leak has just popped up and this one is about the sales guides, which seems to include more specs and new features that we have previously not heard of. These sales guides have been acquired by GSM arena and seem to give us an inkling of information on how sales people would position the features of the new flagship device. There's also a list of specs that has shown up as well, but as always we ask that you take this information with a tiny grain of salt as we have and most likely won't hear anything from HTC themselves until they officially announce the device.

According to these spec sheets, the All New One will come with a 5-inch 1080P display, and should weigh about 160 grams. The processor is listed as being the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core clocked in at 2.3GHz, and battery wise the spec sheet lists a 2,600 mAh battery to keep your device juiced up. Their is apparently going to be a microSD card slot which we've already seen from the photo leaks, but we still really don't know exactly what the internal storage will be. A good guess would be that it'll come in at 16 or 32GB which is per usual with most smartphones currently.


In addition to the specs, the sales guide provides some interesting information about the device, and we couldn't describe the phone better ourselves if we were trying to sell it. As the guide says, the HTC M8 is a precision crafted device from a single block of aluminum with a zero edge, smooth finish. This is really no surprise either as the HTC One carried the same design. It worked, so HTC had no reason to change it, only improve upon it. The guie lists the HTC M8's finest features and selling points, like the new Blink Feed, Boom Sound, and HTC Zoe for use in creating the Mini-Movies of your life in only seconds. While the sales guide is all well and good, it isn't needed. We're already so excited over the matter that some of us were pretty much sold the moment we knew it was coming.


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