(Updated) Leak: The All New HTC ONE M8 Bares All in 12 Minute Video

To hell with image leaks and spec sheet rumors, this user on YouTube went all out and did a complete hands-on review video of HTC's newest flagship The All New One, that lasts 12 minutes in length. He starts off the video by describing that he gets phones early before release or launch dates because he is a sponsor. Shortly after he shows us the HTC One from last year, so we can get the clear picture in our heads about what it looks like, (just in case we forgot) only to show a mere few seconds later what it looks like when compared to The All New One (HTC M8) that is due to get it's announcement and unveiling near the end of this month on March 25th. The announcement is set to take place at a special press event held by HTC in New York and London.

Throughout the video's lengthy but in depth showcasing of this currently unreleased device, we get to see this kid show off a number of details about the new phones features. He shows us the back that unveils the dual lens camera we've already known about for a while, then he flips the phone around to the front and shows us the display as well as the shorter boom sound speaker at the top, with the new placement of the sensors next to the front facing camera. After turning on the display and showing us Blink Feed, the recent apps menu, and a couple of other things, he shows us the SD card clot on the right had side of the phone just above the volume rocker, as well as the Power button up top, and the charging ports and audio port on the bottom.

We also get a look at the new Sense 6.0 UI (said to be 6.6 in the video) along with those on screen buttons. The user also goes through the app drawer and opens up a few apps, namely the camera and YouTube. The camera UI has a clear distinction between it and the camera UI on the HTC One, and at one brief moment we see him flip the camera around to the front facing lens where we can clearly see his face. We're pretty sure this video isn't supposed to be up right now, so it will more than likely get pulled at some point in the very near future. If you want a quick peek at the HTC All New One before the announcement date, take a look at this video before it probably gets taken down.


So the video was already changed to private, no more viewing, Sorry. At least we were able to view it and describe some things here before the privacy setting was changed.

Update 2:

We have another copy for your viewing pleasure

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