Layar Augmented Reality App For Google Glass Enters Open Beta

Layar is one of those apps that attempted to bring us some form of Augmented Reality with their app way back when the original Mytouch launched on T-mobiles network. At that point in time the Mytouch was the second Android device available, and none of the other carriers had released one yet. So for Layar, having their app on the Android Market(as it was known back then)right from the get go almost was a big thing. There hasn't been much talk about Layar or their app for quite some time, although it is still available on the Play Store, and it has a nicely refreshed UI to match the design of Kit Kat and the design guidelines. This is the first I have personally seen the Layar app and what it looks like since a few years ago when I was actually using it.

Layar's app seems to have mixed reviews from users on Android devices, with some loving it and some absolutely hating it. Perhaps their newest venture, which is a Google Glass version of their Augmented Reality app, will do them more justice. If anything it should feel more at home on a wearable device like Glass, as it's worn on your face and just seems like a perfect fit for something that acts and functions much in the same way. Layar's app provides users with an interesting way to interact with print and printed forms of media, which is quite a bit different from what they started out as. The app used to be a way to find all kinds of information in your local area by using your devices GPS, from tweets near you to local businesses, etc. Now that their focus on what the app provides has changed over the years, they see Google Glass as a huge opportunity for them to thrive naturally. If you own a pair of Google Glass and want to try out the app you can do so by hitting this link and jumping to the Layar website. You can also check out what Layar is all about in this handy little video that they have provided via their YouTube. It's worth mentioning that so far the app is in beta, so they'll likely be open to feedback, but more importantly there might be a bug here and there, as well as a lack of features which users should expect to be fine tuned and released as the app gets closer to a final build and released.

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