Kenneth Cole and Ready Set Rocket Team Up to Use Google Glass as Cologne Marketing Tool


Something really cool has come out of Google Glass and cologne company, Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole has figured out a way to make Google Glass about humanity as a whole. Becoming the first brand to use the Google Glass app to market, Kenneth Cole's new fragrance titled "Mankind" challenges men to do something good every single day for three weeks. The challenge is part of the "Man Up for Mankind Challenge". Anyone who competes in this challenge gets the opportunity to win a "Mankind toolkit" a prize kit worth up to $1000.

The overall premise of the challenge is to do something nice every single day for three weeks. Some of the deeds are as follows: buy coffee for a stranger, compliment someone you don't know, overtip a waitress, take a photo for a tourist and pick up trash. Ready Set Rocket, the company who thought up the challenge, is focused on Glass wearers because they're cutting-edge and they fit the target audience associated with the new cologne.


So far, Kenneth Cole is the only brand to utilize Google Glass applications for marketing. This move shows that there are companies who aren't particularly technology based that are interested in wearables and what they are capable of. Although Kenneth Cole is using Google Glass for marketing, they're doing it in a way that isn't forcing you to buy their product. This contest makes participants help people and do good deeds. This is actually a really good use of marketing, and I'd like to see more of it in the future. Kenneth Cole seems to understand where the future of technology is going, which gives them a leg up on the competition. The interesting thing about Google Glass is that currently, the software can't be used by developers to advertise specific products. This presents a special challenge for companies and forces them to think outside the box when marketing.

If you're a Google Glass user, go and visit the website. Currently, the contest isn't running, but it will be shortly. You can enter your email for more details about the challenge when it starts. Users of the Google Glass app will be able to participate in the contest (when it opens) by doing the deeds every day and taking pictures of themselves completing them.

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