Introducing Samsung Fingers, Tomorrows Wearable Device Today

Ahh how we love April fools. A good joke on the first of April is always a good way to start the month, so long as you don't take it too far. This means tasteful jokes with a playful side that everyone can enjoy, and probably some that at least one person will find annoying but lets face it, the jokes will be hilarious to every one else. Google is pretty good at making April Fools fun for everyone on the web, as we've seen from past years and all the stuff that has already been thrown out today a day early, like the Pokemon challenge which seemed to start off the landslide of April Fools pranks to follow. Google isn't the only one getting in on the fun anymore though as it would seem that Samsung has joined in on the April Fools day shenanigans with this special new device they're calling Samsung fingers.

The joke is that they will be releasing a new wearable device that will really take your wearables and smart gadget experiences to the next level, with a glove that you can wear that has an embedded flexible display in the palm. As the description states, the glove's display is a 3-inch UHD Super Emo LCD screen, the best kind of display for all your emo album art. If the display wasn't enough to draw your attention, they have hidden a 16MP camera inside the glove somewhere, which is funny if you think about the quality of the camera that they have built into the new Gear wearables devices that are to launch soon.

Among the ridiculously named display, there is a list of other outlandish specs like 4GB of RAM, because who doesn't want to play the most graphically advanced, memory intensive games for mobile on a glove? Our favorite is probably the S-Laser, which is a hidden beam projector allowing you to, we guess project the contents of what's on the display onto a wall or other flat surface. Although S-Laser would have been cooler if it was actually a laser, or real in the first place. The glove also comes with more storage space than most phones from a year ago, at 32GB or 64GB options. Samsung Fingers also has just about every sensor one could need inside a wearable device, like the newly introduced heart rate monitor from the Galaxy S5, a thermometer, barmoeter, compass, palm-rec, RGB ambient light, gesture(IR), and of course your accelerometer, gyros, and proximity sensors.

The best features that steal the show are arguably the ones that give this little prank away, like flatulent auditory reproduction, S-Charge which has you hold your hand up in the air while wearing the glove outside to use solar charging power, and of course the Palm-rec, which gives users relevant information on whatever they hold in their hands while wearing Samsung Fingers like status of the object, as depicted in the image below. The idea of Samsung Fingers is actually quite ridiculous, but it's good to see Sammy playing along with the all the pranks. you can check out Samsung's post on the new tech here, and lets us in know in the comments what your favorite feature was.

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