International and Sprint HTC One M8 Variants get TWRP Recovery

March 29, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

For anyone looking to grab a HTC One M8 internationally or on Sprint, you’ll be happy to know that they both have a build of TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) already. The recovery for both models are now available for download. The Sprint HTC One M8 is available on TWRP’s website, while the International HTC One M8’s is not, but it is available on XDA for those interested in grabbing it for their HTC One M8. Word of caution though, these files are not interchangeable, meaning you cannot flash the Sprint HTC One M8’s TWRP file on a Verizon HTC One M8, it will brick the device, and you’ll have a beautiful Aluminum paper weight afterwards. Not something we want, right?

Of course you’ll need to head over to HTC’s website,, so you can unlock the boot loader. We likely won’t see TWRP available for the HTC One M8 on Verizon or AT&T for quite sometime, since those carriers don’t like to have unlock able boot loaders, which is fine – we kind of understand why. However, T-Mobile’s will likely come locked and you can unlock it through as you could with the original HTC One. But we’ll still have to wait for TWRP or another recovery to be available for the T-Mobile HTC One M8. Which since it doesn’t launch until April 11th, it could be quite a while.

For those interested in flashing Team Win Recovery Project onto your Sprint HTC One M8 or International HTC One M8, hit the appropriate link below for more information. If you decide to flash the recovery to your new HTC One M8, be sure to let us know in the comments down below how the recovery is working out for you.

Sprint HTC One M8 TWRP | International HTC One M8 TWRP

HTC One M8 – Developer Edition- Factory Unlocked 32GB – US Warranty (Gunmetal Grey)