Internal White House Testing Of Samsung And LG Smartphones Allegedly In Early Stages

A source close to the White House says that President Obama among other staff are testing out the potential capabilities of Samsung and LG android smartphones for internal use. If the White House staff decides to jump ship to everyone's favorite little green robot, then Blackberry will have quite a huge problem on their hands in the government sector. Blackberry has been known far and wide for many years as the leading device for military, government and White House officials for security purposes, but companies like Samsung and LG have been making great headway in the security department when it comes to encrypting data and making the devices safer for matters such as this. If Blackberry can't hold on to the White House, they'll have to do something big to make up that ground lost.

The phones aren't being tested out by government officials within the White House themselves, but rather a team of people who are tasked with such things known as an internal technology team, along with a military unit who is in charge of Obama's phone use, as well as overall communication. If things go smoothly, Blackberry could soon be losing one of its biggest contracts. It's said that everything is still in an early testing phase, with actual phone use of devices from either of these OEMs that many of us have been enjoying for years, is still months away. A spokesperson from the Department Of Defense said that:

We can confirm that the White House Communications Agency, consistent with the rest of the Department of Defense, is piloting and using a variety of mobile devices.

The DOD isn't the only one being rather quiet about the whole ordeal. Spokespeople from both LG and Samsung are also keeping things hush hush, both having said that they had no idea if any of their devices were being tested at the White House internally. We know that Samsung has been making a huge push towards providing better security through their KNOX software, and that they have a big interest in the government sector. Blackberry is very heavily invested with the government and has been the sole provider of secured devices for more than a decade. As they are starting to lose their grip, Blackerry's chief executive John Chen has said that gaining back government customers that they have lost is their absolute top priority at the moment. In regards to the matter a spokesperson from Blackberry said that:

For more than a decade, BlackBerry has been securing the US government's mobile communications and only BlackBerry is designed to meet the high security needs of US and allied government agencies.

it's clear that Blackberry knows that they are losing ground and have some hard work ahead of them to keep from losing more contracts in the government sector. If they plan to keep the White House secured exclusively, they will need a strong plan in place to keep other OEMs from stealing them away.

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