Incipio Announces 5 Cases for the new HTC One M8

March 25, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Incipio, who has been a big supporter of Android Headlines, has given as a few cases for the HTC One M8 which was announced earlier this week. So we wanted to take some time and talk to everyone about the cases that Incipio has available for the HTC One M8. As most of you know, I’ve been a fan of their cases for quite some time now and have even bought quite a few for my LG G2. I’ve also reviewed a number of their cases for the LG G Flex, Moto G and the HTC One. Now Incipio has announced the Feather, Feather Shine, NGP, DualPro and the DualPro Shine.

Incipio was nice enough to send us over the DualPro, the Watson Wallet Case  – which isn’t even listed on their site yet, and the DualPro Shine. Which we’ll be giving away in the near future, of course after we finish our reviews of all of these cases. The DualPro and DualPro Shine are both two part cases. There’s a TPU layer that goes against your device, and then a hard shell that goes on top of the TPU. The DualPro Shine actually has a rather shiny, brushed metal look. Which looks amazing on the HTC One M8. Then there’s the Watson Wallet Case, which is just as you thought, it’s a flip cover with pockets inside for cards like an ID, credit cards, etc.

The Incipio DualPro is available for $29.99 and the DualPro Shine is available for $34.99 from Incipio’s website. It’s not yet available on Amazon, but I’d expect it to be available pretty soon. These are great cases, and I definitely have no problem in recommending these for the HTC One M8 or any other device. As Incipio makes these for various other smartphones as well. Like the Galaxy S5.