Huawei and Xiaomi Battle it Out for Best Mid-Range Device With Low-End Pricing

In the US we see plenty of attack ads and battles going on between companies. Most recently we saw this from Samsung and there attack on almost anyone who has made a tablet. China is apparently no different, they have companies that fight it out in public to win the support of consumers just like we do. One example of such, is a rivalry that seems to date back about a year between Xiaomi, and Huawei.

It all started back when Xiaomi entered the low-end device market in July of 2013. Xiaomi released a device known as Hongmi. However, though the price of the device was what Chinese consumers were used to seeing on low-end devices, the Hongmi had mid-range specs, almost carving out their own category of devices. The Hongmi did very well in sales, and why wouldn't it, with mid-range specs at low-end pricing, the device was made to sell like hot cakes.

Seeing that success, Huawei wondered why they didn't think of doing something like Xiaomi did with the Hongmi. In December of 2013, Huawei released not just one, but two devices that had mid-range specs at low-end prices. These devices were additions to an already popular Huawei line-up called Honor, the Honor 3X and 3C. People quickly figured out that the additions to the Honor line were meant to directly compete with Xiaomi and the Hongmi device. The Honor 3X had higher specs than the Hongmi did, however, exceeded the price point a bit. While the 3C matched the specs of the Hongmi as well as the price point.

Now, the fight continues, with the Xiaomi release of the Hongmi Note, which has similar specs to the earlier released Honor 3X. Though the Hongmi Note matches the specs of the Honor 3X, the price point is still lower. The Hongmi Note will launch at 999 yuan, with a lower end model around 799 yuan. Of course, it wouldn't be a battle if Huawei didn't do something in direct response of this news.

Huawei did just that, and they didn't even wait a full day, with the announcement of a device that is essentially the Honor 3X. The difference is that the new Huawei device is marked at 998 yuan, awfully close in price to Xiaomi's Hongmi Note. The best part about this announcement by Huawei, is that they really didn't change much from the original Honor 3X. The biggest change was just the processor, with a bit of a downgrade to a 1.4Ghz CPU.

Unfortunately for those of us in the US, we will never see these devices, or any of the attack ads that are sure to come with it. However, we can read about it, and it does feel good to know that other countries like to play dirty as well.

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