Samsung Announce Their First Smart Light Bulb; Uses Bluetooth and Lasts 10 Years



Where LG is, Samsung isn't far behind, and vice-versa. The two Korean giants are like bickering children on the playground, so when LG releases a smart bulb, so too must Samsung. That's just the way things are among these two rivals and if consumers benefit as a result, through competition, then we're all for it. Samsung has announced their first smart light bulb, just days after LG officially introduced theirs. Unlike LG's light bulb however, Samsung's offering doesn't feature WiFi or anything else for that matter, besides Bluetooth.


Smart bulbs have been "a thing" for a while now, thanks to Philips and their Hue range, but with LG and Samsung now introducing their own bulbs, it looks like they're about to enter the mainstream market, but we suspect we're still a way off from people buying these down at your local Wal-Mart. Samsung is launching the new series of bulbs in Germany at the Light+Building convention and as of yet, there's no word on specific pricing or availability, but we're expecting these to launch soon.

As the line of bulbs are Bluetooth-only, those looking to control a whole fleet of these guys will require something like a ZigBee hub. The bulbs are of course LED, and can be dimmed down to jiust 10% brightness, which just goes to show that there's a lot you can do with these guys. Based on an average of four hours of use per day these guys should last approximately 10 years, or 15,000 hours for those that like to count to 24 every day. With Samsung getting in on the game, we're sure we'll be seeing even more of these smart bulbs appear in the future. The question that still remains unanswered is whether or not there's a real need for these and whether consumers will buy them. Without WiFi, Samsung's first smart bulb doesn't seem as versatile as LG's, so for now it seems like Philips' option might be the best way to go.

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