HTC's Jason Mackenzie Talks Business And Gaining Back Market Share

HTC just doesn't know when to give up, and that's a good thing. Despite having had a rocky past couple years in the wireless industry with low sales and even lower profit, they seem hell bent on continuing to deliver and innovate. Today on CNBC's Fast Money, Jason Mackenzie(President of HTC America)gave a small speech about some of the hot topics surrounding the Taiwanese manufacturer as of late. One such topic was in regards to the leaks that have recently taken place over the companies upcoming new flagship handset, although he didn't really cover that topic much. All he said was that they never comment on rumors or speculation.

One thing that Mackenzie was sure to mention though was how HTC is aware of the fact that they have lost market share in the smartphone industry. They know that they have let many of their probably once loyal customers slip through their fingers. The good news is that HTC has apparently realized their mistakes and will do all that they can to get back some of the market that they have lost. At one point during the conversatin Jason Mackenzie even refers to the competition as being like a Timex watch,(hey there's nothing wrong with a good Timex, we all grew up with them) while stating that HTC and HTC products resemble more of a Rolex. It's no doubt that HTC makes great products with beautiful design and stellar build quality, I don't think we would go so far as to make that kind of jump though.

Mackenzie also points out that HTC understands how customers feel about their products. That they appreciate fine build quality, and love new and innovative devices with a great design. If HTC continues to make devices like the HTC One, they probably won't have much trouble getting back some of the market share that they've lost over the years. They just need to implement and execute plans to attack that loss properly. They're off to a good start so far this year we'd say, with the device that they're scheduled to unveil in the next few weeks and launch next month, but time will tell how much it actually helps. HTC is committed to making their next flagship a big success, so here's to hoping they succeed in doing so.

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