HTC One M8 Gets Another Play Store App For Its Exclusive Dot View Case

Never being a company to follow the others, HTC is taking a new approach to software support for its new HTC One M8 - taking it out of the hands of the carriers and putting it directly into the Google Play Store with Apps for just about anything to increase the productivity of their newest flagship.  In the past, most manufacturers would wait for the carriers to send out updates to tweak or improve various functions on their devices or load your device with bloatware - not so with HTC and the new HTC One M8...they are throwing them right into the Play Store for immediate download, and only if you want them.

The latest one is for their new HTC Dot View case - if you do not intend to purchase this interesting, useful, and quite exciting case for your HTC One M8, then there would be no reason for you to download the application and take up precious memory space on your device.  However, if you plan to get the Dot View, then just take a jump to the Play Store, give it a quick download, and immediately reap the benefits of the Dot View case.

The Dot View Case fully covers the front of the display, but has perforated holes through the entire front of the case.  The way this all works is rather simple, but absolutely ingenious - the display lights up a certain pattern of dots that show through the perforated holes in the case - remember the old Lite-Brite game.  Therefore, even if you have the case closed, you can see the notifications and then take action by either picking up the device or swiping with a hand gesture supported by the new HTC One!

Function really meets form with the Dot View smartphone case - it offers you instant access to phone calls while the case is closed showing you who is answer, you simply pick up the device and place it to your ear and to hang-up, just swipe down.  If you get an alarm or calendar event notification, just swipe down to dismiss the alert.  It will also notify you of a missed call, and provide email and SMS notifications, as well as let you know if you have voice mail or if your battery is getting low.  Using the Tap feature - tap twice and the time will appear and tap twice again and it will go away.

The $49.99 View Dot case is available in Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis, and Baton Rouge - but good luck finding it. It is shown as 'out of stock' on HTC's own website so you may want to check with your carrier to see if they have access to them. Samsung does the exact same thing and it is so frustrating - have the accessories ready at the time of the launch.

Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you were able to find the Dot View case and how you like it - we would love to hear from you. Watch the short video from HTC below that gives you a good demonstration of the new case.

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