HTC Continues to Tease Us With The All New HTC One With Ultrapixles

As we inch closer and closer to the date HTC asked us to save, we get more and more official videos from HTC. Unlike other videos that may or may not exist, these videos are professionally done, and showcase features of the HTC One, like the all metal body and Boomsound. The newest addition to the video lineup showcases the Ultrapixel. The Ultrapixel was first introduced on the HTC One, and are an amped up version of the normal pixel. The goal, is to allow more light into a picture making shots more clear and better quality during low light situations. These pixels are larger than the megapixels that we're used to, which cover the same area on the sensor of the camera. This, according to HTC, allows more light per pixel. With the general idea of the "Ultrapixel" covered, lets figure out what this new video from HTC shows us.

First of all, the series of videos that are being released which seems like is done once a week, is being titled "Technical Translations". In each video we are told how smart the people behind HTC devices are, we are also warned that they are very excited and it shows in their description of the device features. We are then shown a "scientist" or developer, or one of the "really really smart people" talking about the HTC One. In this case, he is talking about the Ultrapixel. Our liaison through the jargon, is a man standing next to the "really, really smart" guy. In this particular video we are also introduced to a burglar, but we don't want to spoil the video too much. The last half of the video, talks about how they have improved the Ultrapixel on the All New HTC One.

Details are laid out for us, telling us exactly what we are going to see as far as new camera technology on the next HTC flagship. However, it is all bleeped out, and like the previous videos before this one the new device makes a blurry appearance as well. As always, HTC is aiming to be different and innovative and attempt to impress us. We all want them to succeed in doing just that and show us something we haven't seen. So be sure to check out the video below, and let the excitement build as it is with all of us. That date HTC asked us to save, in case you haven't heard is March 25th 2014, that's when all of our questions will be answered. You can watch the video below.

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