HTC Boosts Color Range On New HTC One M8 Display For More Vibrant, Striking Visual Appeal

You've seen all the images you might be able to bare of the new HTC One M8 and it's new larger, vibrant, and more brilliant screen that comes in measuring at 5-inches. The screen isn't the only new feature of HTC's One revision, but it certainly comes to mind more than most. It is after all what we'll be staring at most of the time seeing as how it's what we interact with when using it. The size of this new display is obviously larger, but it's also better quality, and that's what we're going over now. Judging by yesterdays comparison video, we can see that the new One M8 definitely has a brighter and more colorful display with that wow factor when compared to the HTC One from last year. Not only that, but the screen has a little something extra added to it.

More specifically, the screen on the new One has been measured to show that the saturated color ranges expand beyond the limits of standard sRGB color space. What HTC has done here with the display is basically pump the color up to look more vibrant and more visually appealing, as opposed to giving us a display that gives off a more true to life color appearance. The results end up giving us more vibrant colors that stand out, which is what gives it such an eye popping look. Phone Arena did a measurement of the color gamut on the new One M8, and the results they found were that the M8's color gamut reaches 110% of the normal sRGB color gamut range. This means that it surpasses the range on devices like the LG G2 or the original HTC One which both have color gamut areas of 100%, while devices like the Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S have color gamut areas of 98% and 97%.

When compared to other displays, it doesn't necessarily mean it will end up looking better as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What it really comes down to is that color visuals come out to look more enhanced, while some displays have colors that look more natural. In the end, boosted color gamut or not, how good the screen looks comes down to what we as users prefer. So, the question is, do you prefer a screen with pumped up visuals and color ranges like on the new One M8, or do you want something that has color ranges that a little more natural like something on the Nexus 5?

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