HTC Adds Desire 316 along With Desire 516

HTC has already started the year off right, and is showing no sign of slowing down. Tackling the mid-range to low-end devices just as they promised, and it is starting to pay off. HTC had opened pre orders for the Desire 816 in China, and in 10 minutes, the device sold 50,000 units, and reached 450,000 in three days. The Desire 816 could be called a midrange device, now it is time to see how their low-end device does or low-end devices.
That very same Desire line has had a few additions so far, and one of the quieter released Desire devices is the Desire 516. However, this device may have a brother, or twin to be more precise, the Desire 316. Both devices have similar specs according to sources, the only difference being that the Desire 516 has dual sim, and the 316 doesn't.

Now follow along closely here because you could get a bit lost, which could be bad for HTC but availability could save them. More on that issue later, for now lets look at the 516.

The HTC Desire 516 shares it's design and possibly specs with the Desire 316. Those specs would be a 5-inch qHD display, and a 5MP rear facing camera. Here is where we may lose you, so tread lightly. The Desire 516 has a couple different models, the 516t and the 516w. The Desire 516w may possibly be an international model of the Desire 516 line. With 1GB RAM, and 1.27GHz CPU, more than likely a Snapdragon. The Desire 516t will be a bit smaller, with 512MB RAM, and a MediaTek 1.3GHz CPU. No word on if the 516t will be available internationally, but this is how we stay away from the confusion to basic consumers.

Say the Desire line in the US has the 516w and another, bit higher end version. As far as basic consumers will know, this is just another line up option. Like Samsung has the Note series and the S series. HTC USA could have the flagship One series, as well as the Desire series. Now in other markets, they can release the other versions, because there are plenty of emerging markets, that are begging for more mid to low-end devices. If the sales of the Desire 816 are any indicator, we could be in the midst of a HTC rebound.

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