Google's Chromecast Sales Are 'In The Millions', And Will Come To More Markets Soon

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The Chromecast – Google’s multimedia device-to-TV entertainment system – has remained one our favorites here at Android Headlines, much less a personal favorite of mine. For just thirty-five dollars, I’m able to watch any movie from Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, not to mention dozens others, as well as stream music, mirror my Chrome Browser, and more. That means hitting the Cast button (within the app or Chrome browser) allows users to send video or entire Chrome tabs to a TV screen. This tab casting means pretty much anything open in a browser can be viewed on the TV, including video or audio playing on a website. But it’s clear that we’re not the only ones that like it. According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android and Chrome, the Chromecast is doing pretty darn well in the market that it is already available – the United States. How well, might you ask?

“We are in the millions now, and it’s growing very actively,” is what he told folks at a Conference in Austin, Texas on Sunday, the ninth of March. It marked the first public statement of sales figures for the gadget since its release. Pichai didn’t stop there though. He also announced that the dongle would finally start to go on sale in different markets internationally. While he didn’t specify which markets it would be available and which it wouldn’t, we have high hopes that the United Kingdom will be one of its stops, despite the fact that a Google Spokesperson said that this wouldn’t be happening back in February.

The potential for this device in other markets like Asia and all throughout Europe is nearly boundless, and one thing is definitely certain: Even if it doesn’t reach many other major markets, the Chromecast is already a success. Do you live somewhere else other than the United States and want to see this device come to you? Do you already use an alternative method for streaming media to a TV? Let us know in the comments!