Google Wants Us To Know How They Respond To A U.S. Search Warrant For Data

Google takes privacy seriously, and so do we as users. While online privacy is important and it's important to know how things are handled so you can feel secure, it still sucks to have to broach these issues. In an age like today where virtually everything about out personal lives is floating around out there online, it can be good to understand that should the scenario ever come up where a US search warrant would be issued requesting information on you, or someone you know, or any random person that has a Google account, how Google would handle that entire process and make sure that they are as compliant as they can be within the confines of the law, but also protect your privacy and information as much as they can.

Google has been in the news plenty as of late in regards to privacy and collected data, and interestingly enough most of that also involves the government. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Google wants to reassure users that privacy is no laughing matter to them and, in this video that they posted today they depict how the process of a US search warrant requesting data on a particular user would play out. It's a friendly little video and definitely puts things into perspective of how things go down, and of course it has that unique Googley touch that you would expect to come from the search giant. The video isn't too long, only about three and half minutes, but if you're curious and have a few minutes of time to spare you should definitely check it out.

The basic idea is simple. If the US government is requesting data on a certain person, they go and retrieve a search warrant, which in turn gets taken to Google, who has to verify and check out the warrant, then make sure that all the data being requested in the warrant is relevant to what the government really needs. Eventually once everything is verified Google supplies relevant data and thus the process is finished. While the video is entertaining to watch and informative, the only people need really worry about this are probably those who are doing things they shouldn't be.

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