Google Software Engineer Wants To Make Eric Schmidt The CEO Of America

With all the buzz around the Schmidt/data/NSA/government fiasco, taking Eric Schmidt and appointing him the CEO of America would seem like the last thing that someone should want. However, that's exactly what Justine Tunney who is not only a the co-founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but also a Google software engineer wants to do. According to Tunney, the Federal Government has had it's chance to run things and now it's time to step aside and let the technology industry take over and see things through. I'm not exactly sure how this would better any negative situation that the US is in, but maybe there's a bigger picture here that I or all of us are not seeing?

As ridiculous as this whole scenario might sound, it's very real and the petition which was created yesterday does actually exist. For those of you that may not be aware, there is a specific website for which one would send such proposals as this one to be seen and heard. Justine Tunney had apparently submitted this proposal to The White House petitions website yesterday, but before a response can be submitted back in regards to this letter, the letter demands 100,000 digital signatures from people who are in favor of this action being carried out. You can read the full letter here at this link, but the gist of it is that Justine Tunney wants the federal government to retire with full pensions(we'd assume she wants Obama to step down as well), and presume to let the tech industry take over all administrative leadership for the United States, with Eric Schmidt at the helm.

As of this point in time, there are 5, count em 5, whole signatures out of a required 100K that will be needed before the White House will have to respond to this.(I just can't help but picture the silly nature of an auctioneer spitting out requests for bids for more signatures at machine gun speeds, that's how silly this whole thing seems) Justine Tunney and her four supporters(we're going to assume that she herself is one of those five signatures, is that allowed for this sort of thing?) have one whole month to get the amount of signatures they need, and with yesterday gone they have 30 days left. While we strongly believe that they will get nowhere near the amount of digital signatures they need to garner a response, it will be interesting to see how many signatures they get by the time that this petition should be considered null and void. Should we start taking bets?

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