Google Shutting down EnergySense – Due to Nest Acquisition?

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Before Google bought Nest, we had seen some leaks of a new app that Google was working on called EnergySense. Which was essentially, [email protected] that we had been hearing about for years at various Google I/O’s. It allowed you to control your thermostat when you were not home, and adjust it from the comfort of the couch or bed. It was a pretty neat idea and app, that we had hoped would be released soon. But it was still in the testing phase, and still is. However, one of Android Police’s readers sent them an email that was sent to the testers of EnergySense, which is shown below.

“Subject: EnergySense program winddown
Greetings Trusted Testers,

Our Trusted Tester trial has come to an official close, and in the next two weeks Google will stop actively supporting EnergySense. As of March 31, the EnergySense web and mobile apps will stop working, although your thermostat will continue to operate with its regular schedule.

The good news is that you can continue to control your thermostat using ecobee’s web app, Android app, and iOS app, available at www.ecobee.com, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. You should use your ecobee username (probably the email address you used to sign up) and password to sign in, and all of your existing settings and schedule should be in effect without any disruption.

We’d like to thank you again for your help in testing EnergySense.


The EnergySense Team”

So Google is going to stop actively supporting EnergySense in the next couple of weeks, and the apps will stop working on March 31st. They also tell everyone, that you’ll still be able to control your thermostat using the Ecobee app.

Why is Google shutting down development on EnergySense? Well it has to be because they now own Nest. Which does everything EnergySense was doing before. Nest is said to be Google’s new in-house hardware partner. Which we’re excited to see what Google has in store for these guys. Hopefully we’ll learn real soon.