Google Play Store Turns 2, Give You Gifts And Discounts To Celebrate. UPDATE: It's finally live!


A mere two years ago Google introduced Google Play to the world, turning the Android Market on its head and launching a complete media service for all Google powered devices.  If you've been with Android for a while now you'll probably remember all the different iterations Google had for the Android Market, and how many times just the interface alone was changed for the first 4 years that Android was around.  When Google finally introduced Google Play to us in 2012 they brought about a huge change to what Google offered as a media and services company.  No longer was it just about apps, Google Play meant that Google would now provide books, movies, music, magazines and TV.  Google Play has also been a great way for Google to get their brand name out there in public, and the Android Market went from being just a thing on your phone to a household name in Google Play, much like Apple's Appstore did.

Google has been pretty consistent about giving customers sales on regular intervals too.  Seemingly every major holiday is crowned with its own Google Play sale or promotion of some kind, and often features super discounted or even free apps, while some freemium apps tend to give out freebies during these periods as well.  The two year anniversary of Google Play is no different, and for the next 24 hours Google is going to be discounting and promoting certain apps to celebrate their birthday.  While two years doesn't seem like a lot of time, remember that Google has made a massive effort in those two years to get their name everywhere they can.  You can get Google Play gift cards at every major store now, and you'll often see the Google Play tag at the end of ads denoting you can download the app, movie or whatever other media content is being advertised on the Google Play Store.  Right now the page isn't live in the US, but it is live in other parts of the world, so if you're reading this now head on over to the source link below and check out the sales.  We'll update this article when it goes live in the US as well.


UPDATE: as of noon today, March 6th, it looks like the page is live for the US.  In all honesty it's a little disappointing, but the Hobbit Extended Edition for $6.99 isn't too bad…

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