Google Keyboard Updates To 3.0 With New Personalized Suggestions Feature

One thing Google Keyboard has been lacking when compared to other options like Swiftkey is less personalized suggestions based off sources where we often type. Swiftkey does this by reading and scanning what you type via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and with yesterdays update now with Google+ as well. Today Google has started a rollout of the latest Google Keyboard update that will be allowing more personalized customization in the suggestions area when typing or swiping, by letting the keyboard scan other various Google apps(like Google+) for the types of things you say so it can better serve you up word suggestions that you will want to use. This is assuming you even use the suggestions in the first place. Thus far I have personally kept that feature turned off because the suggestions were often not what I wanted. However now with this change I might have to check it out again.

Some updated features have made their way into this newest Google keyboard release, one that is quite notable and handy is the ability to long press the mic button that you would use to voice type to access the settings menu. No more having to go through arduous processes just to tweak a few things within the Google Keyboards settings. The other tweaked feature that is worth mentioning is the addition of a new button inside the keyboard that pops up when you enter the Emoji menu. A new ABC button will appear when you are inside of the Emoji menu that will allow you to get back to the regular keyboard to continue typing. Before this update such a button with the same function existed, but it showed up as a keyboard icon instead of the letters ABC.

So there you have it, personalized suggestions are now part of the Google Keyboard just like with other Keyboard options. Once the app updates and you open Google Keyboard for the first time, you'll be met with a message explaining about the changes with the personalized suggestions, and given the option to hit OK and continue on to what you were going to type, or to hit the settings button and seek to go turn the feature off. If you just hit OK, the personalized suggestions stays on automatically. The update should already be live but if you haven't received it yet you should soon.

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