Google Glass: 'Preview For Glass' Allows You to View Movie Trailers By Looking At Posters


Google Glass keeps getting more useful and my excitement keeps building every time a new App comes out for the most anticipated wearable of 2014.  The newest App is not going to save lives and it certainly does not allow you to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and in the whole scheme of the entire world, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans.  However, it does add another reason to the already long list of reasons to buy Glass when it is finally made available to the public…it is simply fun and useful!

Preview for Glass will allow a Glass wearer to look at a movie poster and say, "ok glass, preview the movie" and within seconds Preview will recognize the movie poster image and start the movie trailer.  Everything happens automatically – there is no reason to tap your Glass.  Preview will also recognize most current movies in the theaters now and the database can easily be updated as new movies become available.  There is no reason to grab your smartphone and search for a movie and watch the trailer – Google Glass will do it all for you simply by looking at a poster and issuing the command. Below is a 3 minute video that will demo how it works and if you hit up the source link at the bottom, you can download the apk file onto your own Glass and give it a try.


As always with Glass, make sure that you wear the device responsibly – do not wear your Glasses into the actual movie theater – this App is for the "lobby only." As all of this wonderful technology continues to grow our privacy and rights continue to shrink. As great a product that I believe Google Glass will become, it will have to be regulated to some degree. Thanks to those that are always looking for a way to use 'good for evil' purposes, the abuse of Glass's power could be used in so many places and in so many ways. Google has posted a Do and Don'ts page for Glass wearers to abide by…all common sense things really. Please let us know on our Google+ Page how you are rocking out with your Google Glass – do any of our readers plan to purchase Glass when they are made public? Do you have any fears about privacy issues? We would love to hear your opinions.

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