Google Continues April Fools Day Fun With Virgin/Nest Partnership Video

Google's earlier reported Pokemon challenge within Google Maps is just the beginning of the April 1st tom foolery to come. Apparently Tony Fadell didn't want to be left out and wanted to join in on the fun, and joining Fadell in this short but sweet parody video is Founder and CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson, who's Virgin Atlantic airline is currently testing Google Glass on flights to better the experience for passengers. In the parody video the two company CEO's announce a partnership to bring individual climate controlled temperatures to every passenger who flies with Virgin Air, with Nests smart thermostats. If you own a Nest smart thermostat then you already know the wonders that it can bring to the climate control inside your home, so hearing about this at first was awesome, then you learn that it was just a stunt to have a little fun for April Fools.

Throughout the short video the two partners talk about how they're surprised that no one has thought of this sooner as it seems like a no brainer, and on a quick realistic note, we're wondering the same thing? All jokes aside for just a moment, individual climate control for each passenger sounds like a really great idea. Now back to the jokes. The video actually looks and sounds very professional, most of the way... then you begin to hear the names of the different preset climate temperatures like Cancun Afternoon and Chicago Polar Vortex. The guy that describes how the presets work also has a sort of comical tone with the way that he talks, so you can immediately gather that the whole video is just part of the round of spoofs from Google were bound to see this year.

More fun will undoubtedly pop up tomorrow and we'll be sure to inform you of all of it if we can, but the April Fools jokes are off to a great start and we can't wait to see what Google's plans are for tomorrow. While we know that the whole Virgin/Nest partnership is just a joke, what are some great preset climate names you could think of that would have been a perfect fit for this video spoof? We'd love to know!

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