Google Beefs Up Gmail Security For Users

Privacy is one of the worlds biggest concerns when it comes to technology. With everything getting connected to the web, it seems as though our privacy is being stripped away from us. Google wants you to know, that they are fighting the good fight, to get that privacy and security back. Recently, Google announced that they have made adjustments to Gmail to make us feel more secure.

It seems that these adjustments come in a two-step strategy to protect us from each other, as well as the NSA. The first step comes in the form of improvements to the already implemented HTTPS encryption. The improvement is a HTTPS secure connection. According to Google, no matter where you are logging on, be it home or public WiFi, and no matter what device you use, you will have a secure HTTPS connection. This is only for when using Gmail to wither check and read, or send mail. Encryption is one of the oldest and most used ways to prevent stolen information. That said, there is always room for improvement, and we are sure Gmail users will not mind the extra security. Now, if only Google can stop the NSA from being the worlds biggest peeping Tom.

Well thanks to Edward Snowden, the man behind the leaked documents of the US Government, we now know that the NSA likes to intercept emails. They do this in between the email being sent from server to server. According to Google, they have made this problem "top priority..." and they are not afraid to let the world know. So, in an attempt to prevent the NSA from intercepting our email as we send or receive it from Google servers, they have encrypted our emails. Every time we send an email, it will send as encrypted as it passes through the Google servers. As you can tell, Google is not afraid of stopping the government from violating our rights. Being so vocal about the issue and having the support of Google, this is a battle we should be able to win. Thoughts? How do you feel having Google in our corner? Do you feel safer with these changes or has Google not done enough to protect our privacy? At least from the NSA.

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