Give Your Videos Some Super 8mm Flare With New App iSupr8 Vintage Camera

Everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia now and then. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of Old School style and MEA Mobile Ltd wants to help you obtain your very own little piece of the past with iSupr8 Vintage camera. For those of you that may not be familiar with the term Super 8, a Super 8 is an old type of camera from back in the day, properly referred to as a Super 8mm camera, or just simply 8mm camera. It gives a certain type of look to your video recording that other cameras don't. iSupr8 Vintage Camera brings that look and style of an 8mm camera to your videos for an authentic vintage feel.

The developers state that this is a camera app designed by Super 8 enthusiasts for Super 8 enthusiasts, and is part of their goal to revive and increase awareness for the 8mm format. The app will set you back the small amount of $0.99, but provides you with a ton of awesome features for the price. The apps developers focus on the fact that you have access to unlimited HD video length recordings, unlike with other apps like Vine or Instagram that offer video recording with filers and other sorts of vintage looks. The app provides professional grade Tru8 processing(this is what the app is calling it's Super 8mm processing tweak that is added to your videos) The app states that there are no filters or cheap overlays in the coloring process, so what you're left with is as authentic of a color grade as possible for your HD videos.

While the app does offer the ability to record HD video up to 1080p, you can record in different resolutions as well, so if you for instance want to send the video to someone or upload it to share, you can get it done easier with a smaller video file due to the lower resolution. iSupr8 Vintage offers other things like film burn and framing options as well as a customizable film stock to really give your Super 8 videos as unique of a style as you possibly can. You can record all brand new video or import them from the camera roll and apply the Super 8 processing to an old favorite. You get a few sharing options too, so if you want to immediately share it with friends and family on the web you can with uploads to services like Facebook and Twitter. There are a few IAP for extra image processing features on top of what the app includes if you want to add even more life and style to your videos.

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