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Chrome for Android is a stellar mobile browser that brings the minimalist flare and speed of its desktop browser counterpart to our devices, with ease of use and familiarity, but the one glaring issue that many people often seem to have is speed of scrolling when using the browser, or doing things like zooming in and out. The browser itself loads pages pretty quickly, but sometimes when scrolling you might notice a little bit of lag or a slight skip on the page, or you might notice a tiny hangup as you scroll through text. It isn't noticeable to everyone but if you're someone who uses the browser often it can be a little less than desirable. The good news is that there is a way to help this sort of situation and speed up the scroll experience you have when using Chrome for android without having to try out and switch to another mobile browser.

All of this is thanks to a user on Reddit named erythrocytes64, that has suggested a way to speed up Chrome for android so that it scrolls with a little more fluidity, so as to hopefully get rid of the skips or snags that might happen when you scroll down a page. In short, you basically will just be dedicating more RAM to Chrome, and that's it. Now, we'll show you how you can make this change so that Chrome will get a tad bit of a speed boost. Just to be clear, the change does allocate more RAM to Chrome but you more than likely won't see a world of change from this speed tweak. Realistically it will only give the scrolling experience a little more smoothness.

All you have to do is open Chrome on your device, and enter 'chrome://flags' in the address bar. After you do that you'll be taken to a page with chrome for androids experimental features. Pay no mind to anything else on the page and just scroll to find the section listed as maximum tiles for interest, than tap on the dropdown menu and change the amount of RAM allocated for Chrome to 512. Once you change the value of RAM that Chrome uses a button will appear near the bottom of r your screen that say relaunch, and you'll want to tap that to restart Chrome and save the changes. That's it, you're all done and you should see a slight smoothness when scrolling now compared to before. Having tried this on my Nexus 4 it seems to make things a tad bit smoother, but the tiny scrolling hangups for me honestly haven't disappeared completely. They have gotten better though. Hopefully this helps some of you.

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