Gameloft Officially Announces The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Game Coming Soon

Listen up webheads, Gameloft is all about games and they aim to make an impression with their next movie game title. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due to hit theaters next month in April,(which seems to be the month for big releases, think we'll see a Galaxy S5 or HTC All New One in the movie?) and to ensure that we're as hyped up as we could possibly be, Gameloft will be releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie game alongside the film. The game takes place in Manhattan where Google is reportedly going to be opening up a retail store for their products, and you'll have to do what Spidey does best, which is arguably saving lives but some think of him more of a pest than a hero. As a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility and it'll be your responsibility to save the citizens from the dangers that lie within Manhattan's city limits.

The game is said to be quite a bit more free-roam than the original, with boundless capabilities to web sling your way through the city and marvel(see what i did there?)at the intense graphical prowess this game has to offer. All of Spidey's signature moves should be included in the game, from wall climbing web shooting action to the kick ass fights that you'll inevitably have to engage in to stop the enemy. The game sounds to follow closely to the events of the film, in that you'll have to face against two of Spider-Man's most dastardly villainous foes, Electro and the Green Goblin. These won't be the only super villains you face within the game, but should receive the most focus.

The Amazing Spider-Man promises to bring game, comic, and Spider-Man fans plenty of web slinging, web shooting, fast paced action with tons of fights and much more. Gameloft so far hasn't released much detail in regards to many of the games features, but more should ultimately surface in the coming weeks as we draw closer to the films release. So far there has been no word on an actual release date for the game itself or what the price of the game will be, but if it follows the same model as most of Gameloft's other movie title games, it will probably end up costing $6.99. However they could have chosen to go with a freemium model like they did with Thor: The Dark World. In the mean time, check out the awesome trailer and some of the screenshots below.

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