Galaxy S5 Gets Priced Throughout Europe, Not Your Average Priced Android Phone

Much like Sony's Xperia Z2 that recently went up for pre-order in the UK, it looks like Samsung's Galaxy S5 isn't going to be cheap, either. Then again, for a smartphone that has an improved camera, a heart rate sensor and more inside of it, it's hardly surprising it's going for a pretty penny. We know that the Galaxy S5 is launching some time in April, but we haven't had much word on how much the device will cost, until now. Samsung's Galaxy S5 has gone on sale in a number of European countries and with that comes some idea of how much it's going to cost.

The Galaxy S5 is now up for pre-order in Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic. In Sweden, the off-contract price comes out at SEK 6,400 which (at the time of writing) works out at $995 US, which is a lot. Meanwhile in Russia, things don't seem quite so bad, at least from a conversion standpoint, anyway. Off-contract in Russia, the Galaxy S5 will cost RUB 30,000 which is roughly $830, a considerable dip from the Swedish pricing, but these are just conversions remember. In the Czech Republic, Samsung's latest and greatest is to cost CZK 19,000 which comes out at $950.

It's well worth rememebering that these are conversions from existing prices, so these prices will look different when official US pricing is announced. It's strange to see the Galaxy S5 quite so expensive, but Samsung has always charged what many believe to be a premium for their hardware. Besides, the Galaxy S5 is filled with technology, despite the fact that it has disappointed some. With a month left to go before the device launches worldwide, it'll be interesting to see how much of a response Samsung gets at launch. It might seem disappointing to owners of the Galaxy S4, but those on a two-year contract with a Galaxy S III or similar device will find this a considerable upgrade.

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