Flappy Bird May Eventually Make a Return


Flappy Bird has already become one of the biggest stories of 2014, vanishing from app stores almost as fast as its meteoric rise in popularity. When developer Dong Nguyen removed the highly addictive game from the iOS and Android app stores at the beginning of February, everyone was talking about it. Though Nguyen originally said he took the game down for good, it might not be long before we see Flappy Bird make a return to the App Store and Google Play.

In an interview with Rolling Stone (as reported by Mashable), Nguyen said he's considering bringing Flappy Bird back. That's far from the confirmation we imagine a fair few mobile gamers are looking for, but it's still somewhat encouraging for those who never wanted to see Flappy Bird go away in the first place. Nguyen said in the interview that if he did bring the game back, it might be accompanied by a warning reminding users to take a break every now and then.


Indeed, shortly after Flappy Bird was taken down, Nguyen said that the title was never meant to be the addictive mobile game it eventually became. When Nguyen first developed Flappy Bird, he imagined a game that would be played for a few minutes each session, not one that would make chunks of time suddenly disappear as players attempted to beat their personal records over and over again. While there's no lack of rumors concerning the "real" reason why Flappy Bird was removed from the world's largest app stores, that's the official one – Nguyen didn't like seeing so many people addicted to his game, so he simply removed it to solve that problem.

Of course, if you had Flappy Bird installed on your device before the purge, you've had access to it this entire time. While Nguyen isn't getting any new downloads of the game, it's safe to say that he's still pulling in a fair amount of money from players who continue to chase that elusive high score. The future of Flappy Bird just became a little more unclear, but regardless of what ends up happening, Nguyen is still developing new games. One of those games, Checkonaut, is scheduled to land sometime this month. Would you welcome the return of Flappy Bird?

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