Here Are Five Attributes The HTC One M8 Offers The Galaxy S5 Does Not

While everyone begins to let yesterdays HTC event and unveiling settle in and we attempt to collect our thoughts over everything we have taken in, we have looked at all the HTC One M8 has to offer in contrast to this years other most likely candidate for most popular flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. We have come up with five things that you won't find in the Galaxy S5 that HTC can offer you with their newest device. So, if you find yourself at odds with an impossible decision and want some help trying to weigh out what you should choose for your next device, maybe these five things can help to play a part.

First off is the most obvious and probably one of the most coveted of the HTC One M8 and last years HTC One, the Boomsound stereo speakers. This particular feature really helps to amplify the audio experience one can have with just about anything on the device that gives off sound. You'll experience richer, more explosive audio for things like movies, games, and of course music. Boomsound is highly revered as one of the biggest reasons people love the HTC One devices, because the speakers are stereo and placed on the front, so the audio is shooting out directly at you. Next up is one you'll most certainly hear from a lot of people and that's the build quality. One of the other big reasons people have loved the HTC One devices is because of the premium feel of the design. While this doesn't matter to everyone, plenty of people really appreciate the nature of having a really nice looking device. The all metal body and brushed metal finish with rounded edges and corners of the HTC One M8 is one not to be forgotten.

The HTC One M8 also has a more true to life color quality within the display. It still uses a slightly higher color range than the standard sRGB color space, which is what gives its display those really eye popping vibrant colors, but when compared to the AMOLED display used in the Galaxy S5, it's more accurate and still manages to pull off looking exceptional. The last two things you won't find within the Galaxy S5 are the seamless uniformity of the Sense 6.0 user interface,(Touchwiz has been improved over previous versions of the UI, but it still lacks the elegance that Sense 6.0 has managed to elevate to)and the refocus feature effect for photos that is found within the HTC One M8 duo camera. The value of these features and specs may be more preference, but they are all things the Galaxy S5 lacks. With that said, either device could still provide a stellar experience to users, and the Galaxy S5 will undoubtedly have plenty of happy fans as it will have its own set of compelling attributes. So what say you tech lovers? HTC One M8 or Galaxy S5?

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