Featured: Top 10 Best Android Coffee Lover Apps


There is only one word I want to hear in the morning when I get up…COFFEE…and the smell is great as well! I like it black with desserts, but I also love Lattes, Espressos, Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, Cafe au Lait, Americano, etc. and I will drink them all day long. Okay, I have a confession, I drink almost exclusively decaf, but I am still a man and still a real coffee drinker, damn it. I used to love to get the whole beans from the local coffee shop – oh the smell of those coffee beans roasting and the sound of the roasters turning – bring them home and grind them just before I would use my Krups brewer and make a great thermos of coffee. Now I buy my coffee in a little cup, put it into a Keurig machine, and press a button…okay, maybe I have gotten lazy in my old age, but it does brew a great cup of coffee.

I save my fancy drinks for Starbucks or another independent coffee shop. I always wish that my neighborhood had a 'Central Perks' to lounge around and drink coffee – that is my kind of bar, although a little Baileys or Kahlua in a cup of coffee never hurt anything. We lost our Borders, a bookstore that had a great lounging area where you could buy coffee drinks, a snack, and then sit in a comfy chair or on a couch with your coffee, book, laptop, and free wi-fi to study or just enjoy some quiet time. It is a shame, because those type of places are needed, but too expensive to maintain…maybe more libraries should do this…but I digress – see what coffee does to me! So please, enjoy a cup of coffee as you read through the article.



Coffee Maker – Cooking Games

Coffee Maker Cooking Games Collage

Coffee Maker – Cooking Games – is the obligatory game we always toss in for kids or for adults that want to be a kid. The App will allow you to pretend to make coffee drinks…son or daughter can make Daddy or Mommy their morning coffee before they go off to work.


GRAB IT HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY!Coffee Maker Cooking Games

Coffee Live Wallpaper

Coffee Live Wallpaper Collage

Coffee Live Wallpaper – We had to throw a couple of wallpapers into the mix and one had to be a LIVE Wallpaper and I can guarantee this will make you want a cup of coffee.  Touch the screen and a ripple effect will occur.  Watch the coffee beans fly around on your screen – you can adjust the number of beans that fly around.  Beautiful graphics and cool effects.




I love coffee HD wallpapers

I love coffee HD wallpapers Collage


I love coffee HD wallpapers – is a collection of 50 new HD images that are in stunning clarity and you can change the wallpaper in one simple click.  We talk about modern coffee houses, but our love for coffee goes back to the first coffee-house opened in 1475 in Constantinople, which is modern-day Istanbul.  These beautiful images will be a constant reminder of your love for coffee.

GRAB IT HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY!I love coffee HD wallpapers



Coffee Break – Start Theme

Coffee Break Start Theme Collage

Coffee Break – Start Theme – is the coffee lover's next generation start screen.  This App gives you quick access to "everything that matters to you" from your start screen (as long as your 'everything' is not over eight Apps) – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, local weather, photo gallery, etc.  The developers claim they have designed it to be fast and with no delays, as well as not to be a drain on your battery life.  You can call/text/email your friends without unlocking your phone and it has many more features all while 'serving you up a cup of coffee.'

GRAB IT HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY!Coffee Break Start Theme



Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes Collage

Coffee Recipes – gives you just that, different recipes to make some great tasting coffee drinks.  The App gives you dozens of recipes and even has a 'Healthy Recipes' area and a 'Coffee Recipe Video' area where you can watch a quick minute or two video of the specialty coffee being made and even 'Cooking Podcasts.'  There are also articles about coffee just to read and free e-course recipes.




Coffeemania – Coffee Recipes

Coffeemania Recipes Collage

Coffeemania â€" coffee recipes – has more than 250 coffee recipes.  These recipes are not just for making coffee drinks with spices, chocolate, fruits, honey, alcohol, and much more, but also cooking with coffee, such as making Tiramisu.  The App also has a how to choose the proper beans, how to serve it, and how to keep coffee was well as articles about the benefits and harms of coffee.



Coffee Finder

Coffee Finder Collage

Coffee Finder – is the old App called 'Find a Starbucks' that has been expanded to include other coffee places as well…since they received a 'Cease and Desist' order from Starbucks.  The App now includes locations for Dunkin' Donuts, Peets Coffee, Tim Hortons, Seattle's Best, Coffee Bean and AuBon Pain.  Nutritional information is also available for the different coffee drinks.  When you open the App it tries to determine your current location and brings up the closet stores for you to decide which is the closest and how to get there and also if a drive-thru is available.



 Android Make Coffee

Android Make Coffee Collage

Android Make Coffee – is an application to turn your Android device into a remote control of your coffee maker/machine and uses Bluetooth to control the devices.  You can choose your drink and enable your machine from the sofa or bed and it allows you to connect to multiple drink machines…the BIG CATCH is that you need some external hardware.  For further instructions and info, please visit the site: http://www.power7.net/. Whether this works or not, it is the only such App and we had to throw it in for the more adventurous coffee drinkers.



 My Coffee Card Pro

My Coffee Card Pro Collage

My Coffee Card Pro – is a great App for Starbuck coffee drinkers…if you watch the video, they kind of dis the original Starbuck App (reviewed next) and some of the things they say are not true, possibly because the Starbucks App was updated, but regardless – what really differentiates this App from the others is the on-screen widget.  It really makes it nice to see your balance and grab your barcode right from the screen.  The other outstanding feature is the ability to use an Order Notepad, where you can list the drinks you want to purchase if you are on a run for the office or even a couple of people at home – sorry, but it's hard to remember the sizes, is it skinny, sugar-free, decaf, etc.  The Pro version allows you to manage more than one card, which is nice if you get a gift card then you can add it to your smartphone.



Starbucks Collage

Starbucks – is the official App from the Starbucks Company, which should mean it is the very best – not quite.  It is a good App, I use it all of the time, and while it does allow a widget on the home screen, it does not display the current balance – which is a nice feature to have.  It is colorful and visually nice to use and does the usual – keeps track of your cards, allows instant reloading of a card from credit cards you store on your App, and displays a nice big barcode for paying. It keeps very good track of your Gold Star awards, giving you a list of them and when or if they have expired.  You can earn some pretty good freebies if you take advantage of them and this helps defray the higher cost of their drinks.