Factory Responsible for Manufacture of Some Galaxy S5 Circuit Boards Goes Up in Flames



Covering incredibly advanced gadgets such as smartphones all the time makes it easy to forget that things aren't as easy as they seem and that nothing is certain. This latest incident in Korea has shown us just that. A fire broke out over the weekend at a factory in South Korea that provides parts for Samsung's smartphone. It's been said that this is the factory where PCBs for the Galaxy S5 are scheduled to be produced. Which raises the question as to whether or not this latest incident will delay the Galaxy S5 or cause Samsung many headaches at all.


The fire broke out at 07:00 local time and while firefighters were at the scene very soon after, it reportedly took 287 firefighters and 80 vehicles over six hours to finally put the flames to bed. With the inferno came an estimated $1 Billion worth of damage to components and such in the factory. It's unfortunate that this sort of thing has to happen and it'll be interesting to hear just what exactly caused the fire in the first place. These sort of facilities are often incredibly safety conscious, and for good reason, so the cause of fire will no doubt be on the mind of firefighters this week.

While this factory is producing PCBs for the Galaxy S5, the Korean giant has announced that production will not be affected by much, if at all, as they've been sourcing components from numerous different manufacturing partners. With the device scheduled for launch on April 11th, we have no doubt that Samsung will be able to pull off another great international launch, but the question is whether or not this factory will prevent them from producing their usual volume of devices after launch. Regardless, we're sure the Galaxy S5 will launch unaffected and those that have already pre-ordered the device shouldn't face disappointment.

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