Even More HTC Apps Hit the Play Store Including HTC Guide, HTC Fetch and HTC Gallery



With the official announcement of the All New HTC One just hours away, it's no surprise we're seeing HTC prepare for their new device however, we didn't expect them to be doing so like this. Earlier today, we say HTC's BlinkFeed and SenseTV appear in Google's Play Store, something that HTC haven't done before. Having their apps available in the Play Store makes them much easier to update outside of full OTA updates and should help HTC iron out any bugs in individual apps far quicker, as well as bring new features to existing apps without the need for a full ROM update.


Now, even more HTC apps have appeared in the Play Store, with the HTC Guide, HTC Gallery and HTC Fetch apps now showing in the Play Store. While HTC Guide and Gallery are obviously device specific, Fetch seems to be compatible with pretty much anything, as it's the companion app to go with their Bluetooth accessory which helps to prevent the loss of keys and such. The HTC Guide is an app that teaches folks all about their new HTC One and, unsurprisingly the HTC Gallery is their alternative to Google's gallery app that ships with Android and as the One has always been focused around good camera performance, this is one of the more important apps for HTC.

Most of these apps won't install on anything but an All New One and unfortunately we don't have one lying around – we know, we're as sad as you are about it – but there's also a chance that these apps haven't gone live for download just yet. That's highly unlikley though, as we doubt HTC is willing to give away their key software features to just any device. Needless to say though, it's nice to see HTC changing up their strategy here, and this should make updates from the company on the whole more efficient and their key apps should be updated far more often and kept running smoothly.

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