Enter The Lumigon T2 HD, A Luxury Smartphone For Those With Exquisite Taste

When it comes to smartphones and other electronics, luxury devices are few and far between. That's not to say that many electronics like smartphones don't have some of the utmost excellent quality one could find, just that not many of them are really worthy we suppose of being attached to the title of luxury. This is because that most smartphones don't cost well over $1,000. One new device though, called the Lumigon T2 HD, is one such luxury smartphone that can make you feel like a high roller, if you can afford it. We'll start off with the cost, so we don't get your hopes up. The Lumigon T2 HD, should you be interested in looking into acquiring one, will set one back about â‚¬750, which equals around $1,028 and £619 respectively. Those are just the starting costs as well. So this particular phone has models that will cost even more than this, but those prices aren't listed.

So what does the â‚¬750 get you, for starters it has a stainless steel design, and it's water resistant. So just off of those two features alone it already sounds cool. Past that, it has what the company is referring to as innovative features to make your life easier in a cool way, because who doesn't want to be cool? The first innovative feature? The front flash. Yep, it has a front led flash to pair with the 2.4MP front camera, so your self portraits are always well lit. It also comes with a dock, that can implement certain tasks or change attributes of your device when placed inside of it, like turn your phone on silent. Those of us in the android community that have rooted devices know this feature as Tasker, except it can work the minute you walk into your home, or have it set up for a certain time, and it's automated. The phone display comes protected by Gorilla Glass 3, so you don't run as high of a risk of damaging the screen on your new investment.

Where the cool factor really comes into play with the Lumigon though is with the audio. The audio inside the device is engineered by Bang and Olufson with ICEpower technology, which delivers a rich and powerful audio experience to users whether the sound is meant for music or anything else. The audio is supposed to be exemplary through the phones stereo speakers, or through the HiFi headset that is included with the package. The other specs is where this device begins to fall just a tad short. For all that money, you get a 4.3-inch display, but with that said, the screen is at a resolution of 1280 x 720 at 342 ppi so images should look crisp. The phone apparently comes with Android 4.4 kitkat, which is a win in our book, and it's rumored to be just as stock as a phone could get.

The processor sounds like nothing special, and is a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core chip clocked at 1.7 GHz, accompanied by an Adreno 320 GPU. The RAM actually isn't anything to frown over, as it comes in with 2GB at the users disposal. The standard device that is listed with the price we talked about above will net you 32GB of storage space, with more expensive 64, and 128 GB options available for those who need all the space in the world on their device. We're thinking international arms dealers will love this, as they can take the 128GB option just in case they need to store vast amounts of data on whatever they keep in those armored briefcases. Rounding out the specs, is a battery measuring at 6.4Wh, which is said to provide the user up to 8 hours of talk time, and just shy of a 2 weeks on standby, as well as a 13MP rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0 support, NFC, Wifi b/g/n, noise cancelling mics, support for air gestures, and IR blaster, and it comes unlocked. So it definitely sounds like the Lumingon T2 HD comes feature packed, but really what were wondering is how much the 128GB option costs. We have added all the images into the gallery just below, and we'll admit, while the cost is outrageous, the phone looks pretty sexy sitting on that dock.

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