Dry Your Phone Out With A Dry Box Rescue Station

What's one major problem with smartphones and cell phones today that people always seem to encounter? Getting them wet. On average, over 85,000 cell phones get wet each day, which is a staggering number to say the least. With the weather changing and as we being to enter into the spring season with showers and plenty of rain(at least in some parts), many people will inevitably end up dropping their phones in puddles, or pull them out for use in the rain without thinking. You could always end up purchasing a Sony Xperia device that has the water resistance rating, or shoot for the Galaxy S 5 once it launches in April that has a similar water resistance feature to it. But what about the people who already own smartphones that don't have this particular trait? Basically were left with a couple options. We can go about using our smartphones carefully, which is what I tend to do to the best of my ability so I don't end up in this situation, or you can seek out a waterproof case that can protect your device should you get it wet.

There's always the rice method, which you basically just take your device apart if possible(battery door, battery, sim card) and place it in a container of rice to soak the excess moisture within. There are people that stand by this and others that claim it's more harm then good or that it doesn't work at all. Thankfully though there will end up being another solution for those who run into this unfortunate scenario, and it's actually kind of interesting. It's a little device called a Dry Box, (the product is actually called Dry Box Rescue)which the company that makes these says will be spread across town similar to a Red Box location for DVDs. The idea is that you put your phone inside this Dry Box which dry's your phone in about 30 minutes time, and then you're good to go. They also state that should you end up getting your phone wet, as long as you get it to a Dry Box location and use the device within 36 hours, the Dry Box will still provide effective results.

The device which claims to safely and effectively dry your phone in the event of it getting wet, says that it uses a patent pending drying chamber that rapidly removes moisture at the molecular level from small electronic devices. It should go without saying, but Dry Box has also set up a list of things you should and shouldn't do if you do get your phone wet. The first mistake people often make is plugging in the device. Dry Box Rescue inventors say don't do that. Some other Do's and Don'ts are Don't put it in rice, Do remove the battery, Do power it off, Don't power it back on, and for the love of god, don't use a hair dryer to attempt drying out your phone. Dry Ventures Inc. says that Dry Box Rescue stations may already be in your area, or may show up soon. Pretty interesting.

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