Does Larry Page Need to Wear Glass to Prove Google Still Has Faith in the Project?

You may remember one of the biggest fans of Google Glass being Robert Scoble. Scoble has become one of the many faces of Google Glass, but now he is speaking about Glass in a different light. Not to say that he doesn't still love Glass, rather he is afraid Google is finished with the project and will kill the project before it even takes off.

You may wonder why Scoble feels that Glass is dying, but before you ask such a question, you need to know more about his personality. Scoble is so in love with the Google Glass, that he pays attention to every detail. The detail that started his fear of the end was Google CEO Larry Page appearing on a Ted Talks keynote. Scoble makes some valid points in his G+ post, mentioning one of Google's dropped projects. The specific dropped project Scoble mentions is Google Wave. Scoble is quoted saying, "Larry Page is on stage at TED right now. I'm at home watching." Then Scoble goes to bold print saying, "He is not wearing Google Glass," Scoble continues in his post asking Why? Why did Google give up on Google Wave so quickly, and says this fits in his thoughts that "Google doesn't know how to stick with a product."

Though Project Glass has been going on since 2012, Scoble's points could be a bit extreme, after all it's as much Page's choice to wear Glass as it would be a consumer's. It still begs the question though, what is taking so long? So much money has gone into the project and testing has been going on for quite some time now. Google has said that they are continuing to figure out every possible use of Google Glass before launch. In an attempt to do just that, they started the Explorer Program. This program is how Google is testing the device in the lives of real consumers. Seeing how they are using the device, and where the device could use some improvement. Scoble's fears are realized simply in the stage that Google Glass is left in, "Prototype".

Now that Scoble has spoken freely about his fears, Google took this opportunity to address his, and any other fears that may arise due to his post. "We always appreciate feedback from everyone - even Robert - on how to make Glass better," A Google spokesperson said. "In the last 10 months we have shipped nine new software updates and made three hardware updates based, in large part, on feedback from our Explorers. We continue to move quickly and are excited by what's coming down the pipe. Glass remains a prototype and we'll keep improving it before making it more widely available to consumers."

Phew, now Google's response may not cure Scoble's fears, but at least they mentioned him by name. Giving him full credit to the response, and show that they are listening. What do you think, is Google taking too long for this project and may just give up, or does something this innovative need plenty of time to prepare?

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