Could The SM-G3858 be a New Android Smartphone With a Projector from Samsung?

There is yet another Samsung device that is making it's way through the certification process. It is only labeled as the SM-G3858, and recently it was approved by China's Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center. So let's dive in and see what this device is all about.

As of now, details are showing that this device is not anywhere near the rumored Samsung Galaxy F. However, there is something high-end like holding together the low-end specs of this device. You may have already guessed it, and if you guessed metal you would be correct. Images show that the SM-G3858 has a metal back, that seems to wrap around the device slightly. The metal body is what we're expecting on the possible Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung's take on a high-end device made out of high-end materials, but this just isn't it.

The specs tell us just where this device lands on the low to high-end spectrum. Starting with the screen size being measured in at 4.66-inch, which is one giveaway that this device is not high-end, especially with a resolution of 480 x 800. The origin of the quad-core 1.2GHz processor is still unknown, but there is going to be 1GB of RAM with that, as well as a 5MP rear camera and a VGA front facing camera. So as you can tell the device is surely aimed for the low range markets.

The device is expected to be released in China on China Mobile, with other options possibly in the future, but that is still unknown. When they plan on announcing this little guy, is also unknown, but there is possibly even a bigger unknown. Is Samsung trying to bring back the projector?

Looking at the pictures of the device, you will surely notice a little hump on the back, just above the camera. This hump extends all the way to the top of the device, and could be either a really unnecessary flashlight, or a projector of some kind.  This speculation is only justified by the mention of an older device from Samsung with a very identical hump called the Samsung Beam. The Samsung Beam had a projector in it, and thus, we come to the conclusion that the hump on the SM-G3858 serves the same purpose. However, that is just speculation at this time, and we will just have to wait until the unknown date of launch arrives.

What do you think, are you excited for Samsung to launch a low-end device soon, or just want them to hurry up and talk about the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy F?

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