Concept Phones Showcases New Concept Flagship Phone: The Samsung Galaxy F


More and more beautiful concept designs are being released all the time these days. If you're a visitor of then you've probably noticed a new concept being showcased over there. The Samsung Galaxy F Concept is a design idea created by Ivo Marić. The design looks great as you can see from the gallery at the bottom of this article. Sometimes with each of these designs it becomes difficult to choose which one I like best. But, at least with all of these ideas, manufacturers get an idea of what customers may or may not want to see. That is, if they have their ears to the ground and see what reviews come from these concepts.

There isn't much in the way of specifications that was put out with this render so it can be left to the imagination what one would prefer to have on this phone's innards. I can say with the advanced processors being manufactured these days, an Octa-core processor with 4 GB of RAM may serve this phone well. Either way, the meat and potatoes of this concept are pretty good. The phone is 8.1 millimeters thick similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 . The screen is 5.2 inches large and the body of the phone is made of metal. Even with the metal construction the phone still has a removable battery. The camera area looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5. The samsung Galaxy F would have a physical camera button and a secondary button that can have its function set by the user.


The back of the phone would not only have a camera, but also a flash and heart-rate sensor. It has a micro USB 3.0 port that is sealed, and seeing as the phone is metal, it can be assumed that it would possibly be waterproof. As you can see in the photos, the corners are curved and the backing of the phone has a slight contoured area on the sides of the backplate to possibly help in ergonomics and make the phone more comfortable to hold. That would be especially useful considering this phone's size.

After looking at this phone, I can appreciate the size and the design. Please take a look at the photos in the gallery below and tell me what you think. Do you like the design? What do you not like about the design, and what would you change? Leave your interesting comments in the section below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page. Keep it locked to Android headlines for more news and reviews.

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