Chromecast Now Supports Classic Games Of Yesteryear Thanks To GamingCast

Oh the wonders of having an open Google Cast SDK. We're starting to see some great things come up for some unconventional uses for the little HDMI wireless dongle that Google put out last year. Originally we were met with a small selection of video and audio streaming apps for use inside our homes, and gradually more and more official Chromecast apps came along, but all that is starting to change now that the Software Development Kit is open to all third party developers. We've seen a slew of new apps receive Chromecast support, and now we're starting to seem completely new apps emerge in the Play Store that are meant for use with the Chromecast. More specifically, games.

There have already been a couple games that have landed on the Play Store that can be played via the Chromecast, a couple favorites include Qcast, which is a simple trivia game that can support at least up to five players(we tried this at a gathering and it worked great, although it was a tad buggy because it's still in beta), and another game by the same developer of Qcast called Casts Against Civility, which is a Cards Against Humanity clone meant for use with the streaming dongle. If you have never played Cards Against Humanity, it's high time you gave it a shot. Be forewarned though, the game is not for the faint of heart nor those that don't have a strong sense of humor. Even better, you can try the Casts Against Civility which is roughly very similar.

Those games are all well and good, but if you want to dig down deep and reach back to your roots for some classic gaming fun? GamingCast seems to be what we might all be looking for(if classic games on the Chromecast is what we all seek) in the way of some games we might be familiar with and fond of. The rundown is that you download the $1.50 app to your smartphone or tablet, and use it as the remote for these classic games that are being shown up on the TV. The games included at this point in time are ones that many of us probably remember fondly and have played them somewhere, and are Snake, Xonix, Pong, and a Tetris clone called Tetrominoes. All the games look promising and we're tempted to try them out for ourselves. It looks like the games would play just fine, although some of them might require some practice to time the games movements, as you'll be staring at the TV screen without looking at the tablet or smartphone display to pay attention to the controls. You can grab GamingCast from the link if you want to test it out for yourself.

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