Chromecast Android App Gets Small Update to Version 1.5.3, Get it Here


Google's Chromecast has become something of a runaway success, and I doubt the vast majority of us thought that something so affordable and so simple would become as big as it has done. Of course, where the Chromecast succeeds is thanks to its wealth of content providers, with Netflix being its biggest. Since then however, the Chromecast has only gotten better and better, with support for apps like Plex and an SDK that allows developers to create whatever the hell they like. The Chromecast Android app has been recently updated to version 1.5.3.

As usual, the updates here are pretty minor, and include such gems as "Easier Navigation", "Improved Time Zone display" and more. Not too much to write home about certainly, but it is good to see that Google is treating the Chromecast a little more seriously than other products in the past. The Chromecast is only getting better and better with each update and now would be a great time to buy one, with more apps on their way. At $35 from Amazon there really isn't that much of an excuse, especially as the Chromecast just fits in with everything so nicely with your TV and home network.


Hopefully, the improvement in the time zone display is a hint that the device is ready to roll out in other countries across the globe. We can understand why Google has focused on just the US of A so far, but as a UK resident, I would love an official channel to pickup one of these little guys.

While there isn't too much in this latest update, it's always a good idea to be up-to-date. If the app hasn't yet reached your device, you can get it from us here. If you guys notice anything significant about the update, don't hesitate to give us a shout in the comments below or over on Google+ as usual! Happy Casting folks!

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