Cerberus Anti Theft App's Servers Get Attacked, Developers Suggest Password Change

It's no secret that there is a lot of personal information that is stored on phones and tablets. Because of how much we store on our devices, it is important to find a way to protect your device in the event that you lose it. So many things can happen to a phone. For example, it can be stolen, you can leave it at a restaurant, or you can misplace it around your house. After my phone got stolen a few years ago, I searched for something that could help me in the event that it happened again.

My search led me to Cerberus, an application that can track your phone, sound an alarm if you lose it, lock the device and even wipe it. The app works pretty well, and you can access it using your computer if you need to. The awesome part about this app is that it keeps your phone safe in the event that your phone gets lost or stolen.

Security is important, however users of this app might not feel very secure right now. It appears as though Cerberus had its servers attacked, and some information could have been accessed by the people responsible for the attack. This information includes some usernames and passwords. Today, users began receiving emails that explained the depth of the attack, and what information was taken. According to Cerberus, no other personal information was stolen, so email addresses and things like device information are safe. Passwords were encrypted, but the developers over at Cerberus has recommended that anyone who has an account with them should change their password. If you're not sure about how to change your password on the Cerberus site, simply click this link. Then you can enter your email address and your username and you will be sent information on how to change your password.

Yes, it's inconvenient when you need to change your password as a result of an attack, however it's good that Cerberus has been pretty quick about notifying people. With an app that deals with the security on your phone, it can be extremely scary when someone could possibly have the power to wipe your device, or locate it. Thankfully the people who attacked the Cerberus servers didn't get any information like that, but it's still important to change your password. For more information about Cerberus, you can check out their application on the Google Play Store.

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