The CEO Of Nest Talks About Google Buyout

By now many of us know about the buyup of Nest. The now Google owned company of web-connected thermostats is on track to offer things we need five to ten years from now, says Nest's former owner Tony Fadell, who sold the company to Google for $3.2 billion last year. The stance Fadell has on Google is a rather positive one, as he believes that Google is truly developing products that we'll need in the not too distant future. Google is well-known for grasping at some wild ideas to turn into some sort of product or service, so Fadell's statement doesn't sound too far fetched. For those that may be unfamiliar with Fadell from the Nest/Google acquisition, you may know that Tony Fadell was also a big part in developing the iPhone and the iPod, both devices which helped to significantly change the landscape of industries those products reside in, and he's hoping that he'll have another chance to change the world again with his latest business decision.

Although people are weary about using their Nest products now because of the Google ownership, Fadell wanted to point out that the information gathered is for Nest internal use only and wouldn't be shared Google, as their main focus is to take that information to further their own development and help deliver a better product and better experience. In short, he stated that Google has nothing to do with the user data gathered by the thermostats. All of this was laid out on the table while the sale to Google was being finalized, which should at least help to put some consumers minds at ease.

Fadell made it clear that he believes in the vision that Google has to better the world we live in, and commented that he thinks both Google and Nest share the same vision to innovate and change the world. While it's unclear what both companies have in mind for their life changing aspirations, Google usually has some pretty cool things up their sleeve, and Nest definitely seems to have something to bring to the table as Fadell pointed out that Nest has sold more than what people are aware of.

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