Cast Screen Tile Appears In Quick Settings Panel For Some Users

We've all been waiting for native Chromecast support to pop up in the whole of the Android OS, as opposed to just a button within certain apps. For a little while we have been seeing signs here and there about the possible feature coming to devices in the future, but nothing concrete as of yet to confirm what it would be exactly or when it would show its face. Thanks to some tipsters who alerted Android Police to this peculiar tile that had shown up in their quick settings panel, we have at least some proof that Google is working on something to be baked into the OS for use with the Chromecast. While it is great that this tip came in and we were able to see it for ourselves, there aren't really any details on the feature so unfortunately we have nothing official to share with you. We can however speculate on what we think it might be or what we'd hope it to provide once Google makes this come alive.

We(and by we I really mean me, on a massive scale) are hoping that this tile will eventually work and allow us to cast our screens to the Chromecast to mirror the display. There are infinite reasons why this would be a huge thing for many users, but the only one I'm really interested in is the capability to play games on the big screen while using a gamepad. I know there are many other practical uses for it, but they don't interest me, Dead Trigger 2 on a huge TV though, I can get behind that. As of right now, we were informed that this tile only surfaces at certain times, which makes sense as I haven't seen it show up personally. It was also mentioned that the tile doesn't actually do anything, as it just crashes when trying to connect to Chromecast.

Could this possibly be the native Android screen mirroring with Chromecast that we have been wanting for so long? We can only hope. Will it come sooner than later? We would love for that to be the case. As soon as some more evidence comes to light about this possibility, we'll be sure to post our findings. Until now we're stuck with mirroring by other means.

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