Carphone Warehouse say Pre-Registrations for Galaxy S5 already 130% higher than for S4


After the big reveal at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 handset has been discussed at length, with opinions ranging from wild anticipation to downright disappointment, with some commentators going as far as to say that the new S5 should rather be labelled the S4 S, ala Apple. But a statement by Carl Cowling, managing director of the Carphone Warehouse (CPW) in the UK, implies that the average consumer has no such worries about the S5. Despite having only been available for pre-order for a 3 day period when the statement was released, the Galaxy S5 has surpassed the amount of pre-registrations that the S4 managed in a period of 10 days.  The S5 is said to have outperformed its predecessor  by 130%, and looks to become a world record breaker before it actually reaches the stores. No doubt Samsung will be breathing a tad easier after the comparatively slower sales of the S4. “Samsung has clearly built up a very loyal fan-base and the Galaxy S5 looks set to become one of the biggest selling handsets ever.”

CPW’s Carl Cowling went on to state that “If these early pre-registration figures are anything to go by then customer interest is extremely high, and by introducing mobile payments, health and wellness functions and a host of other useful features, Samsung has created a device that will synchronise seamlessly across all aspects of a consumer’s life.” According to the statement, it would appear that the S5 is ticking more boxes than the S4 did, although it has to be said, just because someone has registered an interest in a device, it does not necessarily mean that it will directly translate into sales. It will be interesting to see if a similar statement is released after the S5 has been available for purchase for a couple of weeks.

Official pricing for Samsung’s S5 has yet to be revealed, although Unlocked Mobiles is quoting a figure of £549.98 ($920) for a sim-free S5, with stock due to arrive around the 10th April. This price would put the S5 in place to compete directly with Sony’s Xperia Z2 which is £5 ($8.30) cheaper on the same site. With HTC set to announce its All-New-One handset on the 25th March, the consumer is spoilt for choice. If you are in the market for a new mobile phone, what are your thoughts? Have you decided or are you waiting for HTC to reveal their All-New-One?  Let us know in the comments or via our Google Plus page.